INDI – Research Across Boundaries

Research Across Boundaries: Challenges of Interdisciplinary Work in the Context of Law 
18 June 2021 | REWI Graz Day of IN(ter)DI(sciplinary) Research 2021
REWI Graz, the Faculty of Law at the University of Graz has a long-standing tradition of encouraging interdisciplinary research among its members. Still, notwithstanding this approach, the faculty is eager to listen to others, to learn from their experiences and to provide fora that allow academics from different countries and different traditions to meet and to exchange their views.
On 18th June 2021 the faculty has invited scholars from all disciplines to present papers on the theoretical and methodological challenges of interdisciplinary research in the context of law with a focus on climate change, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, as well as digitalisation and cybersecurity.
More details on the programme, venue, registration, etc., are available at REWI GRAZ.
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