Scientific Director (IHS Vienna)

The Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) is pleased to announce the position of the Scientific Director of the Institute. The appointment is for a term of five years, reappointment is possible. The salary will reflect the scope of duties and be based on remunerations in comparable positions at universities and non- university research institutions.
IHS is an independent, non-profit and non-university research institute in Vienna (Austria). Since its founding as an economic and social research institute in 1963, IHS was always striving for excellence and has combined academic and applied research. Partly publicly and partly project funded, the Institute employs about 100 researchers and around 25 PhD candidates and brings together high-level expertise from various disciplines (primarily economics, sociology, and political science,) to address fundamental economic and social problems and policy choices.
Since 2016, the Institute has undergone a profound and successful renewal process, including an external evaluation by a panel of internationally renowned scholars in the previous year. The institute is currently in the early stages of implementing its new medium-term plan. The new scientific director is expected to build on the achievements of recent years and to continue this process.

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